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how to fix the store after using rm to remove packages

From: Myles English
Subject: how to fix the store after using rm to remove packages
Date: Tue, 24 May 2016 10:13:04 +0100
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Hello, I had a problem with a python application and deleted (with rm,
instead of 'guix package -r') the packages I wanted to rebuild.

Now the store is broken.  I have just started down the guix road so
don't mind starting again with a clean store.  Or I could try and fix
the problem.  I haven't found any information on how to start again, but
have tried fixing it and have got stuck on how to delete derivations.
Can anyone help please?

» guix gc --verify     
reading the Nix store...
checking path existence...
path `/gnu/store/h242pz6byqng0sba9ka18kzyir9jwrvp-uwsgi-2.0.12.drv' 
disappeared, but it still has valid referrers!
path `/gnu/store/42bgmfv99vz60rpz6mvg24d770ncy9mn-uwsgi-2.0.12.drv' 
disappeared, removing from database...
guix gc: error: build failed: invalidating path 
`/gnu/store/42bgmfv99vz60rpz6mvg24d770ncy9mn-uwsgi-2.0.12.drv' in database: 
FOREIGN KEY constraint failed

» guix gc --referrers 

» guix package --list-generations 
Generation 7    May 17 2016 10:52:09    (current)
  glibc-locales 2.22    out     
  guix  0.9.0-1.dd21    out     
  ghc   7.10.2  out     /gnu/store/c0d4na71mdxkw9p42z9paj88x00ng1q4-ghc-7.10.2


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