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Re: how to fix the store after using rm to remove packages

From: Efraim Flashner
Subject: Re: how to fix the store after using rm to remove packages
Date: Tue, 24 May 2016 12:55:27 +0300
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On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 10:13:04AM +0100, Myles English wrote:
> Hello, I had a problem with a python application and deleted (with rm,
> instead of 'guix package -r') the packages I wanted to rebuild.
> Now the store is broken.  I have just started down the guix road so
> don't mind starting again with a clean store.  Or I could try and fix
> the problem.  I haven't found any information on how to start again, but
> have tried fixing it and have got stuck on how to delete derivations.
> Can anyone help please?
> » guix gc --verify     
> reading the Nix store...
> checking path existence...
> path `/gnu/store/h242pz6byqng0sba9ka18kzyir9jwrvp-uwsgi-2.0.12.drv' 
> disappeared, but it still has valid referrers!
> path `/gnu/store/42bgmfv99vz60rpz6mvg24d770ncy9mn-uwsgi-2.0.12.drv' 
> disappeared, removing from database...
> guix gc: error: build failed: invalidating path 
> `/gnu/store/42bgmfv99vz60rpz6mvg24d770ncy9mn-uwsgi-2.0.12.drv' in database: 
> FOREIGN KEY constraint failed
> » guix gc --referrers 
> /gnu/store/h242pz6byqng0sba9ka18kzyir9jwrvp-uwsgi-2.0.12.drv
> /gnu/store/4agl5ans64cczi952i92lv1s2hbz26jq-info-dir.drv
> /gnu/store/98pfcxxbql67z4ynj6pp2fjxd42fmi5p-profile.drv
> /gnu/store/dm45nh1nmzykd4fk43kp7jacqi6qm3gq-profile.drv
> /gnu/store/g254pmk9a77bc3qkxylzhc722941zjqq-profile.drv
> /gnu/store/gvg34dd5qd2dlkv7r0hzs852nk1jz0xh-ca-certificate-bundle.drv
> /gnu/store/ijngd7ba9r2qj6ljrpg47byvx8wnkrvc-ca-certificate-bundle.drv
> /gnu/store/mgx29vmfcsb6f8zwjy7q11czgc1ink61-info-dir.drv
> /gnu/store/mkfjlghkn1wyh1fs27h4wysap8b70sii-info-dir.drv
> /gnu/store/qv5lzfqmka7hffil9x1pm76sp6jc3bkq-profile.drv
> /gnu/store/vcijdim5drgqghkcfcivpxvz206ld1vz-ca-certificate-bundle.drv
> /gnu/store/w9fmqqvw4zg3c2gfpc0n3mkrwdfmv51c-info-dir.drv
> /gnu/store/zd4mswmji4a4rcnc0w1ijxv7p983ahzy-ca-certificate-bundle.dr
> » guix package --list-generations 
> Generation 7  May 17 2016 10:52:09    (current)
>   glibc-locales       2.22    out     
> /gnu/store/dcqdfyal290awy1lwb6sxzs8sg0wr99h-glibc-locales-2.22
>   guix        0.9.0-1.dd21    out     
> /gnu/store/ya2rz4fbfismzbvygrc19ihwc0yiy5xy-guix-0.9.0-1.dd21
>   ghc 7.10.2  out     /gnu/store/c0d4na71mdxkw9p42z9paj88x00ng1q4-ghc-7.10.2
> Thanks,
> Myles

I think everyone has made this error at some point, but there's really
no way to recover from modifying the store by hand. I suppose if someone
still had the packages you're missing then you could use the `guix archive`
commands to recover, but I'd start over.

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