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Re: UNable to change date/time and TZ on GNOME/GuixSD

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: UNable to change date/time and TZ on GNOME/GuixSD
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 21:47:05 +0200
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Ravishankar S <address@hidden> skribis:

> After watching the DaveT and ChrisW video on youtube, I was genuinely
> impressed with the goals and design of the project and I wanted to take it
> for a spin. Pleasantly surprised at how easy the install was. within an
> hour I had a GNOME desktop running and was poking around the packages
> available. I have a few issues that I need help with:
> Fresh install of guix sd .11 and git pull today. GNOME 3.20 runs well with
> no crashes. Susend/Resume works, NW is stable

Good to hear, thanks for the report!

> In GNOME control center, I cannot change the date/time or the TZ and it
> defaults to London GMT. It complains of missing policykit files but i can't
> find the correct package. i have polkit packages installed

Could you paste the error message?  Most likely we’re indeed missing
some polkit policy file here.

However, the default TZ should be that of the system, i.e., that
specified in the ‘timezone’ field of your ‘operating-system’
declaration.  Isn’t it the case?

> Is it not possible to get the full vanilla GNOME 3.20 env on Guix SD due to
> no systemd? - I am genuinely curious and not flamebaiting

The important part of systemd that GNOME relies on is logind, which was
extracted as a separate component called “elogind”:

So it seems there’s no showstopper at this point.

> Is there a top level metapackage that i can install so that the full GNOME
> 3.20 env with all the tools and utils can be pulled in

There’s a ‘gnome’ metapackage, but it pulls in loads of stuff.  You
probably don’t want to install it in ~/.guix-profile.


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