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Heads-up: ‘guix pull’ now uses Guile-Git

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Heads-up: ‘guix pull’ now uses Guile-Git
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:27:44 +0200
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Hello Guix!

Until now ‘guix pull’ would fetch a ~13 MiB snapshot of our Git
repository when you invoke it.  This is no longer the case (at last!)
with a change that makes it use Guile-Git (bindings to libgit2)
instead.  There are other goodies such as the new ‘--branch’ and
‘--commit’ options.

Next time you run ‘guix pull’, it’ll fetch the new ‘guix pull’, which
has this new Guile-Git requirement.

There are several scenarios here:

  1. Guile-Git is already in your environment so you won’t notice

     This is the case if you’ve reconfigured GuixSD recently, or if
     you’re on a foreign distro and you’ve upgraded the ‘guix’ package
     of root recently.

  2. Guile-Git is not yet in your environment, so the next time you run
     ‘guix pull’ you’ll get a message telling you to install the
     ‘guile-git’ (or ‘guile2.0-git’) package.  Once you’ve done that,
     you should be fine.

  3. You’re upgrading from a Guix snapshot from before February 2017
     (i.e., a Guix that lacks a ‘guile-git’ package.)  In that case
     ‘guix pull’ will refuse to upgrade and tell you to upgrade to
     0.13.0 first, which will then allow you to upgrade to the latest

Please report any issues!


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