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Re: How to install a GuixSD desktop?

From: Mekeor Melire
Subject: Re: How to install a GuixSD desktop?
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2017 23:49:41 +0200

Welcome to Guix-community, Martin!

Martin H. <address@hidden> writes:

> 2) I need to adjust the main Xorg configuration file in order to not
> load the synaptics driver. (From my experience, this is the only way to
> make libinput manage the touchpad, so I can get tap-to-click and
> multi-touch gestures working. This should probably be configurable in
> the future.) As gnu/services/xorg.scm does not allow adjusting these
> options, it means I have to change the original code.
> So the question is, how can I replace a single service definition with
> my own one? Does this mean replacing the system guix instance with my
> own, modified checkout somehow?

I use slim as login-manager which is GuixSD's default.  I modified the
xorg-configuration in my system-configuration like this:

        #:startx (xorg-start-command
            #:configuration-file (xorg-configuration-file
                #:extra-config (list
                    ;; touchpad
                    "Section \"InputClass\""
                    "  Identifier \"touchpad catchall\""
                    "  Driver \"synaptics\""
                    "  MatchIsTouchpad \"on\""
                    "  Option \"MaxTapMove\" \"231\""
                    ;; natural scrolling
                    "  Option \"VertScrollDelta\" \"-200\""
                    "  Option \"HorizScrollDelta\" \"-200\""
                    "  Option \"HorizTwoFingerScroll\" \"1\""
                    "  Option \"TouchpadOff\" \"0\""
                    "  Option \"TapButton1\" \"1\""
                    "  Option \"TapButton2\" \"2\""

> 3) I need to develop a few new packages for my needs. Is there a way to
> add additional package sources so I can conveniently use my own packages
> alongside the ones provides in the official Guix repo?

Yes. Use the GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH variable which is documented in the
manual, in chapter 6.6:

Good luck!

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