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hydra queue length

From: Troy Sankey
Subject: hydra queue length
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2017 12:47:21 -0400
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I use Guix on an old thinkpad, and I've noticed that every time I run
`guix pull` followed by `guix package -u`, I need to compile many of the
packages.  That whole process could take about an hour on my laptop
(compiling the package definitions, and many of the package upgrades in
my profile).  I usually also have to close all my Firefox processes to
free up memory.  On a weekly basis, I basically need to give up my
laptop to guix for an hour.

My assumption is that this is due to the massive Hydra queue length.
Hydra is so over-worked that many of the jobs get delayed for multiple
days.  As of this writing, 2 of the 7 jobs currently running on Hydra
were queued 2 and 3 days ago.

Is that a correct assumption?  If so, should I just be waiting 2 days
between `guix pull` and `guix package -u`?  Is there some development
work lined up to reduce the queue length, or is the Guix project just in
need of more money to add machines to the build farm?


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