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Re: Trying to package GIMP Resynthesizer

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: Trying to package GIMP Resynthesizer
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2018 02:55:37 +0000

Hi Thorsten,

On September 19, 2018 12:25:23 PM UTC, Thorsten Wilms <address@hidden> wrote:
>I'm trying to package
>Unfortunately, this happens:
>$: guix build --keep-failed gimp-resynthesizer
>checking that generated files are newer than configure... done
>configure: creating ./config.status
>./configure: line 9047: /bin/sh: No such file or directory

I've had this before, and the way I could work around it was by setting the 
SHELL environment variable. Grep for 'setenv "SHELL"' in the package sources 
and I'm sure you'll find instances of that.

I'm not sure of the root cause, probably there are some hard-coded paths 
somewhere that should be patched in one of our packages?



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