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Re: GNU Icecat crashed tab

From: nightowl
Subject: Re: GNU Icecat crashed tab
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2018 04:27:11 +0200
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Thanks all for the help and advice on handling package upgrades and memory management. I have been able to update my system now and use icecat version 60. I can verify that the tab crash appears to be resolved with this new version of icecat on my PC, however I also now notice that scrolling is not as smooth as it used to be. There seem to be some delay and jerkiness when scrolling up and down pages with allot of content, like say a nice wikipedia page with some meaty topic and lots of figures. I have compared this by booting into my old system config, and find the scrolling in the previous icecat version is definitely smoother. Gnome web also shows smoother scrolling than the version 60 icecat. This new version looks to still be a pre-release, so maybe there are some issues to address with the fluidity of the scrolling.

On 29.09.2018 10:14, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:
nightowl <address@hidden> writes:

I have been trying to upgrade the icecat package.  I am using the
'guix system reconfigure' command, but seem to be running out of disk

Generally, I recommend keeping the user profile separate from a lean
system profile.  This allows you to upgrade your system even if some of
your user packages cannot currently be built for some reason.

It is also starting to compile some things instead of using
substitutes, but maybe I need to wait for the servers to settle down.

That’s possible.  You can get an overview of what’s going to be
downloaded and what will be built with the “--dry-run” option.

Currently after running garbage collection, my installation is still
about 17GB on a 20GB partition.  I have several generations of past
configurations, so would it be possible to free up space by removing
some of the past generations?  How would that be done, I do not see a
command for doing that?

You need to manually remove old links of the form
/var/guix/profiles/system-*-link — be careful not to remove the link
corresponding to the current system!  After that you can run “guix gc”.


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