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Re: Other web-browser for tor

From: Devan Carpenter
Subject: Re: Other web-browser for tor
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 11:39:34 -0500

I would like to point out again on this ML, since nobody in this thread
ever mentioned it, that using any browser other than the TorBrowser over
Tor is _not safe_. One of the big modifications to firefox, implemented
in TorBrowser, is tab isolation. No cookies or any other identifying
attributes are shared between tabs, unlike _all_ other browsers. It's
great to be able to have privoxy and Epiphany working with Tor, but
please be aware that it will be very simple to deanonymize the user.

There are ways to mitigate this problem, eg. by running Epiphany in a
fresh ad-hoc envirnoment every time you open a new page :) but this is
prone to mistake of course.

All that said, now that we have Icecat 60 due to the fantastic work by some
members of our community, perhaps the packaging of TorBrowser would not
be such a labourous effort. I think it's a very important piece of
software to make available to people, and I would love to see it in

I personally won't be able to focus time on packaging for at least the
next  2 weeks, but I thought I'd mention it in case anyone wants to 
give it a crack.

- dvn

znavko transcribed 2.1K bytes:
> Hello! I am using GNU IceCat, that has Network Settings for using proxy. I can
> use tor with it. I was using Abrowaser on trisquel, but GuixSD repository has
> no such:
> $ guix package -s abrowser
> $
> I've found other browsers with `guix package -s 'web browser'` but all of that
> I've installed has no Network configurations . Epiphany, Dillo, Conkeror 
> can't.
> Netsurf browser has network settings, but there is only http proxy, and I get
> this when type proxy: : "This is a SOCKs proxy, not an HTTP
> proxy."
> Which other free software browser can work on socks4 proxy? On trisquel I had
> Abrowser, but here it is only Icecat.

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