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Problem using multiple manifest files

From: Thaddäus Töppen
Subject: Problem using multiple manifest files
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2018 23:50:34 +0200

Hello Guix community,

I am new to Guix, and I am having trouble, using multiple manifest files.
For example, I have a file "emacs.scm", containing:

  '("emacs" "emacs-evil"))

…and then other similar files, bundling different things, like programming languages / xorg stuff etc.

When I use "guix package -m emacs.scm" it installs the packages and they are available. When I then install the next manifest file's packages, the "emacs.scm" packages are no longer available – the links in "~/.guix-profile/bin" have been removed. 

Am I correct in assuming, that only one manifest file can be installed at a time, thus all package definitions have to be in one file (or at least imported into a main-package-file)?

Also: If I have more (beginner) questions, should I drop them all in one mail or create separate threads

Best Regards

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