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Re: Re Recent maintenance window

From: Nalin Ranjan
Subject: Re: Re Recent maintenance window
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 00:37:29 +0530

Thank you so much Clement. 

Any idea by when it could be?

Also if someone can help me with the experience which I am going to write below, I will be really grateful. 

It's just that I am not trying to upgrade Guix, but have been trying to unsuccessfully install GuixSD for the first time ever on my laptop. In the past week or so I have ran the command system init like 7-8 times,and every time it fails into 504(Gateway timeout), or Patch not found(may be 404), and couple of occasions SHA mismatch. I tried running the default command as per documentation, also tried with --substitute-urls specified as and/or a but end result being same. The install halts in the middle. When I specified --keep-going(and left for office), when I came back, I saw an infinite loop of 504s, just being printed out on the console repetitively for the same package.  

Then I tried specifying --fallback, which kind of seems to get the thing done. Though it takes innate amount of time to run(guess everything is getting compiled from bottom to top), but in the very last step it fails saying system error: grub failed to install. Phewwww, back to square one, yet another time.

 I have a ThinkPad T410 on which I am trying to do this. Currently I have a dual boot configuration running Ubuntu and Windows 7. Could that grub install failure because of my /boot not being empty and formatted afresh for GuixSD? If so, can anyone of you please help me in figuring out how to install GuixSD alongside those existing ones(other distros plus special Mr. Windows)? Do I need to reformat my /boot to make it fresh so that Grub install from GuixSD installation could succeed(not sure if this is the reason for failure). 

Since I have just this laptop, dedicating to GuixSD build from source is blocking me for a very long long time(Just now I spent a week so in trying to get it to completion, only to discover very late that a maintenance is up in progress). Please suggest as to how should I go about, having GuixSD installed along with preserving the older installations on my system?

Let me know if I can help with any other information from my side. though new, I can always  dig in to extract the necessary information. 

PS:- I am so new to FSF and its software, I may not sound as appropriate as I should while putting up my concerns. So please feel free to comment, advise or dictate anything that you may feel will let me into the right direction.
Thanks and Regards
Nalin Ranjan

On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 8:23 PM Clément Lassieur <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Nalin,

I don't think so.

And Berlin's Continuous Integration doesn't work anymore, so there is
currently no way to upgrade Guix.


Nalin Ranjan <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Guys
> Is this Window over?
> Regards
> Nalin Ranjan

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