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using questions to enrich documentation

From: Quiliro Ordonez
Subject: using questions to enrich documentation
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 13:34:45 -0700

I am currently reading the manual from start to finish, linearly. I have
about 40 questions and observation at 40% of the text read. I will send
them to this list when I am done (or when you people regard it as best).
But I think I would like those questions to enrich the docs. Here is my
take for all queries by newbies:
When a question is asked on forum, mailing list, chat or elsewhere, it
would enrich the documentation enormously if the answer would cite the
documentation rather than if the answer was a new text. If the
documentation were not clear enough, it would be more productive to
correct the text and cite it on the support area instead of just guiding
that single user. that would make the docs avoid a little of the double
work of support. The other option is that the user who asks the question
would be instructed on how to complement and supplement the docs. That
would also be a way to involve users to learn to contribute. What do you
think? (WDYT)

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