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Re: Re Recent maintenance window

From: Björn Höfling
Subject: Re: Re Recent maintenance window
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 21:38:45 +0100

Hi Nalin,

On Tue, 30 Oct 2018 00:37:29 +0530
Nalin Ranjan <address@hidden> wrote:

> It's just that I am not trying to upgrade Guix, but have been trying
> to unsuccessfully install GuixSD for the first time ever on my
> laptop. In the past week or so I have ran the command system init
> like 7-8 times,and every time it fails into 504(Gateway timeout), or
> Patch not found(may be 404), and couple of occasions SHA mismatch. I

In addition to what Gabor already said:

The 504 is possibly due to Hydra/Berlin not working.

The 404 could be a patch no longer existing on the net? Though I
thought we attach all patches directly to the packages?

But maybe it was not a patch but the package sources as such. That can
happen if you build from sources and they are gone. Unfortunately some
upstream maintainers don't let old sources stay on the server but only
the newest release.

Likewise the SHA mismatch could be because a tarball was updated
in-place. This problem also is the case with some github URLs.

If you get those 404s or SHA-mismatches again, you can try to recompile
a specific package with

guix build --no-substitutes <packagename>

and then concentrate on that specific package. You can then come back
with detailed log of just that package, then someone can investigate
and might update the package definition to reflect the changed world.


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