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Finally installed GuixSD 0.15.0 into a VM on Mac OSX

From: Brian Woodcox
Subject: Finally installed GuixSD 0.15.0 into a VM on Mac OSX
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2018 09:04:45 -0700

So it finally happened after a few days of trying and the excellent help here.  
Thanks to all.

I have a VirtualBox VM running on Mac OSX High Sierra.

Took a few days to compile everything from sources using 
--substitute-urls="”.  Don’t do this unless you are 
very patient.

There were a few problems along the way.

I think my initial problem was I was using the hydra site initially just before 
it went down.  Somewhere along the way I did a guix pull, etc and I couldn’t 
install guile-2.2.3 and guile-2.2.4.  So I decided to abort the whole thing and 
setup a new VM.

While installing the new VM, I found some issues with the install scripts:

bzip2 —> The correct fix from Leo was to download the file as follows—> guix 

texlive-20170524 —> From Mark, I downloaded from —>

nss-3.36.1 —> So I received an answer on this, but no definitive solution.  
Sorry, I had to edit the builder script and remove the tests to get this to 
install.  I guess I will install this properly later when it gets fixed.

guix-artwork-6998d30 —> So I have no idea how to download this file.  Instead, 
I (sorry Mark) edit the 
rsgj5syf4azvg4y80gqbr94gr4i9226y-guix-artwork-6998d30-checkout.drv file and 
changed it to

I know your not supposed to edit these, but had I not, I would be waiting for a 
while.  When these are fixed, I will install them properly.

I guess I was the guinea pig to show that there are some issues with the 
install that need to be addressed.

Thanks everyone.  Now I can play with the fresh OS.

Brian. :)

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