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Understanding Cuirass

From: Björn Höfling
Subject: Understanding Cuirass
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2018 01:00:29 +0100


I want to give Cuirass a try but I don't understand it (For the
reference: talking about version 0.0.1-21.0b40dca). From the
doc/curiass.texi I copy this snipped of a specification:

 '((#:name . "foo-master")
   (#:load-path-inputs . ("guix"))
   (#:package-path-inputs . ("packages"))
   (#:proc-input . "conf")
   (#:proc-file . "drv-list.scm")
   (#:proc . cuirass-jobs)
   (#:proc-args (subset . "foo"))
   (#:inputs . (((#:name . "guix")
                 (#:url . "git://")
                 (#:load-path . ".")
                 (#:branch . "master")
                 (#:no-compile? . #t))
                ((#:name . "conf")
                 (#:url . "git://my-personal-conf.git")
                 (#:load-path . ".")
                 (#:branch . "master")
                 (#:no-compile? . #t))

* What should the procedure #:proc return?
* What is the format of #:proc-args? Must this be an assoc-list or can
it be just anything?
* How is that used? Is it always the second parameter to the proc?
* And is the first one always a reference to the store?

In earlier examples like [0], the #:proc-file (then called #:file)
could be a plain file lying around. Now it looks like it must be
relative to one of its inputs, which is referenced by #:proc-input. Is
this right? Is the old variant still possible?

What forms can the inputs have? The documentation says it must always
be git (either git:// or smart HTTPS). In examples/random.scm I saw
also the form "file://", but when I tried it I got some error message
(can't remember which one exactly). Is this allowed?

Am I right that besides from an example this is underdocumented, or did
I miss something?



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