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Re: /etc/hosts

From: Devan Carpenter
Subject: Re: /etc/hosts
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2018 04:40:22 +1300

There are plenty of reasonable causes for this behaviour, and you can
set your hosts file in the system configuration. However the most simple
solution is chattr. Like so:

1. make your changes to /etc/hosts
2. run (as root) `chattr +i /etc/hosts`

Now the other programs will not be able to edit the file (and neither
will you be able to.)

To make it writable again run `chattr -i /etc/hosts`

Hope this helps!

address@hidden transcribed 814 bytes:
> Hello, Guix Help! I've added a line in /etc/hosts
> But points on its usual ip. Restart wpa_supplicant and restart pc did
> not help.
> How to work with hosts on GuixSD?

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