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Re: Updating a very old Guix

From: swedebugia
Subject: Re: Updating a very old Guix
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2018 13:41:44 +0100

On 2018-11-14 16:21, Konrad Hinsen wrote:


BTW, I did find a way to run "guix pull" which has a good chance to work
on a more typical installation: remove $HOME/.config/guix and then run
"/usr/local/bin/guix pull". Unfortunately, this fails on my machine
because of insufficient disk space for building an enormous amount of
packages. Even gtk, although I am on a headless server.

GTK? Interesting. Could you share your package profile (guix package -I) and config.scm?

I run GuixSD 0.15 in Qemu on a 10GB cow. The attached config.scm and the following packages consumes ~3.2GB space in the store:
address@hidden ~/guix-tree [env]$ guix package -I |awk '{ print $1 " " $2 }'
openssh 7.7p1
nss 3.36.1
file 5.32
wget 1.19.5
git 2.18.0
git:send-email 2.18.0
guile-readline 2.2.3
emacs-no-x 26.1
tree 1.7.0
emacs-paredit 24
geiser 0.10
magit 2.13.0
emacs-yasnippet 0.12.2
recutils 1.7

I never had to build anything. All substitutes needed have been available.


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