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Re: Updating a very old Guix

From: Konrad Hinsen
Subject: Re: Updating a very old Guix
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2018 13:42:48 +0100

swedebugia <address@hidden> writes:

> GTK? Interesting. Could you share your package profile (guix package -I) 
> and config.scm?

The profile, yes, see below. both for my standard user account and for
root.  But no config.scm, I am not running GuixSD but Guix on top of

You will see that my profile contains guix itself, which as to my
current understanding is not a good idea. I tried to remove it, but I
cannot even do "guix package -r guix" without compiling half of the free
software known in this universe. Including, once more, GTK, which is
probably a dependency of Emacs, but that's not a reason to compile GTK
for removing a package. It kind of looks like guix rebuilds all the
remaining stuff in my profile, which should not be necessary.

I realize of course that I am complaining about the performance of a
very old guix!


My plain user profile:

Generation 42   Mar 23 2018 09:13:29    (current)
  python        3.6.3   out     
  r     3.4.3   out     /gnu/store/fjci8mjl3n05jjxfsxdh682qwkxb6qcr-r-3.4.3
  emacs-htmlize 1.51    out     
  emacs-dash    2.13.0  out     
  emacs 25.3    out     /gnu/store/cajd1fkarcm002zcgfzl5i3gmmam2ry1-emacs-25.3
  syncthing     0.14.45 out     
  vdirsyncer    0.16.4  out     
  unzip 6.0     out     /gnu/store/isp3x3aaviiivbh7vlvifh62dj3dqkzb-unzip-6.0
  mosh  1.3.2   out     /gnu/store/8gzqkya3wsvavlmdbc9c82xg4p78xpyh-mosh-1.3.2
  mercurial     4.4.1   out     
  git   2.16.2  out     /gnu/store/d5l2wfccmyr817glb8vlavwkmx67p0qn-git-2.16.2
  nss-certs     3.35    out     
  glibc-locales 2.26.105-g0890d5379c    out     
  guix  0.14.0-9.bdf0c64        out     

Generation 43   Mar 26 2018 16:54:09
 - emacs-dash   2.13.0  out     
 - emacs-htmlize        1.51    out     

The root profile:

Generation 1    Nov 29 2017 11:46:40
  guix  0.13.0  out     /gnu/store/vir3lrwqy50pr8fkaf3m091dgbrja2n6-guix-0.13.0
  glibc-utf8-locales    2.25    out     
  glibc 2.25    out     /gnu/store/rmjlycdgiq8pfy5hfi42qhw3k7p6kdav-glibc-2.25

Generation 2    Nov 29 2017 11:55:00
 + hello        2.10    out     

Generation 3    Nov 29 2017 11:56:11
 - hello        2.10    out     

Generation 4    Dec 07 2017 16:37:34    (current)
 + glibc        2.25    out     
 + glibc-utf8-locales   2.25    out     
 + guix 0.13.0-13.3fb6464       out     
 - glibc        2.25    out     
 - glibc-utf8-locales   2.25    out     
 - guix 0.13.0  out     /gnu/store/vir3lrwqy50pr8fkaf3m091dgbrja2n6-guix-0.13.0

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