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Icecat not displaying numbers, but letters display fine.

From: Matthew Brooks
Subject: Icecat not displaying numbers, but letters display fine.
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2018 18:06:32 -0600

I recently switched away from using a full desktop environment to just xorg and 
a custom DE (specifically: DWM 6.1), and while most things work fine, icecat 
isn't showing any numbers at all, just blank spaces. Letters display fine.
The instructions for manually starting X instead of using a full DE where the 
ones posted in this "How To" here in July:

When I manually told icecat to use Unifont as the default font, some pages 
display numbers properly, though the address bar, tab title, and a few other UI 
things, still don't show any numbers, and some pages (such as the help 
archives: "";) still don't display 
numbers, just completely empty spaces.

Note that this is *not* a case of missing glyphs where weird squares show up, 
this is completely empty space as if all the numbers do exist and are just 

Also, if I use "Inspect Element" on a page with missing numbers, the numbers 
show up just fine in the inspect element area, but still not on the actual page.

I even manually went through icecat's about:config page, and manually changed 
every, single, font, listed anywhere to be Unifont, but numbers still mostly 
don't show up.

If I remove the icecat config folder (~/.mozilla) then no numbers show up at 
all, so it appears that it can't just be some weird conflict with any custom 
configuration of icecat.

I'll also specify that I'm just using a standard "en_US.UTF-8" locale, and the 
pages I've checked are all just standard English pages, so this shouldn't be 
some weird locale/encoding issue or anything.

I have a hunch that certain applications (Libreoffice and Emacs also seem to 
have font problems of their own, but I don't want to get into all that in this 
message) are expecting some kind of font and/or info that they're not getting 
on a bare-bones install, and thus either semi-fail to find fonts, and/or just 
always assume certain fonts exist without checking. This isn't based on 
anything concrete though, so it may be wildly off-base.

I have no idea what kind of info would be needed to troubleshoot this, so I've 
included what seems like the obvious basics below. If anyone needs more info, 
just let me know and I'll be happy to provide it.

Below are
Guix version:
script that starts xorg:
relevant bits from config.scm:
list of installed packages and version:
in that order.

Note that the config.scm section is also taken from the "How To", and I don't 
quite understand the changes it listed, so if something there looks screwy it 
probably is screwy and is not a deliberate choice, so please let me know if 
something there is wrong and/or ridiculous.

Anyway, system info follows:

guix version:
guix (GNU Guix) cc661cb348818da41e7f6ef3dc86bbb66f1e14a1

The script I'm using to start X (slightly modified from the aforementioned "how 
to") is this:
$GUIX_PROFILE/bin/xinit -- $GUIX_PROFILE/bin/Xorg :0 $VTNUM -keeptty -configdir 
$GUIX_PROFILE/share/X11/xorg.conf.d -modulepath $GUIX_PROFILE/lib/xorg/modules

Relevant config.scm sections:
(use-modules (gnu) (gnu system nss) (srfi srfi-1) (gnu services desktop) (gnu 
services xorg))
(use-service-modules desktop)
(use-package-modules certs gnome)
  (packages (cons* nss-certs gvfs %base-packages))
   (remove (lambda (service)
             (eq? (service-kind service) slim-service-type))

The packages and versions I have installed are:
aspell        out     
aspell-dict-en  2018.04.16-0    out     
bash    4.4.19  out     /gnu/store/q4b3s9y4i0da36drp7zfq9yqcf43s47v-bash-4.4.19
claws-mail      3.17.1  out     
cryptsetup      1.7.5   out     
dwm     6.1     out     /gnu/store/qlxxjbzmy5rwzr7dwq4ba514wmjw5sii-dwm-6.1
emacs   26.1    out     /gnu/store/q6yzzqslwy8bn5qndz04wardlan7ay3k-emacs-26.1
feh     3.0     out     /gnu/store/z6arc1ii2rkhcvq6p8phd2jyaf1fgq2j-feh-3.0
ffmpeg  4.1     out     /gnu/store/k7wad1b301c0lf9cxnbp995x1bmvhprp-ffmpeg-4.1
font-gnu-unifont        11.0.02 out     
freetype        2.9     out     
gcc-toolchain   8.2.0   out     
gimp    2.10.6  out     /gnu/store/q04fvkvs319w2bq56sgskllz3rydpk6x-gimp-2.10.6
git     2.19.1  out     /gnu/store/gcmgfrwm7jhfsgqc9kiibifnc6if66gi-git-2.19.1
gnupg   2.2.11  out     /gnu/store/lyjdv9fm38gl32cscsymb3npqnq3zm48-gnupg-2.2.11
guile   2.2.4   out     /gnu/store/p9wm67w3rfw3hlb9iljgvsfn84mz4w9d-guile-2.2.4
guile-readline  2.2.3   out     
icecat  60.3.0-gnu1     out     
inkscape        0.92.3  out     
keepassxc       2.3.4   out     
libxft  2.3.2   out     /gnu/store/3831yvriyp3fkfiv9spvm53l1m1j6cdn-libxft-2.3.2
libxinerama     1.1.4   out     
links   2.17    out     /gnu/store/30nh3w8vy60zcfg6ri3xcs9gha2qqnc0-links-2.17
make    4.2.1   out     /gnu/store/l34x52d3mghschj7w7iap25sjrxh75ag-make-4.2.1
mc      4.8.20  out     /gnu/store/zgvk9k9rfwmk92mwc0179vz5klr7qadl-mc-4.8.20
openssh 7.9p1   out     
openvpn 2.4.6   out     
p7zip   16.02   out     /gnu/store/h5iqyvpnnnixbr7pmckbhcqg9sfk12ni-p7zip-16.02
perl-image-exiftool     11.11   out     
pinentry-qt     1.1.0   out     
pkg-config      0.29.2  out     
python  3.6.5   out     /gnu/store/ld32bzn3dxjbd29v4i2p0jnaak31dssn-python-3.6.5
screen  4.6.2   out     /gnu/store/6w64bgpdb8kp256vkpz6jcmgh2mh0bfm-screen-4.6.2
sdl2    2.0.9   out     /gnu/store/9ca3cr12c2y8f9s1y8h6i6nar08fv0ps-sdl2-2.0.9
sdl2-image      2.0.3   out     
transset-df     6       out     
wget    1.19.5  out     /gnu/store/r2lzy5abk6lfwq83518vfikyra4570l4-wget-1.19.5
xcompmgr        1.1.7   out     
xf86-input-evdev        2.10.6  out     
xf86-input-libinput     0.28.1  out     
xf86-input-synaptics    1.9.1   out     
xf86-video-fbdev        0.5.0   out     
xf86-video-intel        2.99.917-11.0932a6b     out     
xinit   1.4.0   out     /gnu/store/68816g84f9cbf6ybzy9msh7fv2lf98xm-xinit-1.4.0
xorg-server     1.20.3  out     
xterm   335     out     /gnu/store/i2sjzx5il67ffb4xsak0m6nzsvsmjbsc-xterm-335

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