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Re: btrfs and subvolumes for root, take 2

From: Fredrik Salomonsson
Subject: Re: btrfs and subvolumes for root, take 2
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2018 20:51:16 -0800

Hi Ludo,

Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> writes:

> The Guile backtrace you sent shows that /etc/ssl already existed when
> your system booted and was not a symlink.  This led the “activation
> code” of GuixSD to fail:
> The solution is to remove /etc/ssl (is it coming from another distro
> previously installed on this device?).  You can boot a separate medium, 
> mount the root partition, and “rm -rf /etc/ssl” from there.  Or you can,
> at the boot REPL that you get after the backtrace, type something like:
>   ,use (guix build utils)
>   (delete-file-recursively "/etc/ssl")
>   ,q
> Note that you might have similar issues with /etc/pam.d, for instance,
> if there’s such a stale directory.

Thanks for the reply. That pointed me in the right direction. Although
the solution you suggested wasn't an option for me. As it turned out, it
was actually mounting my Arch Linux root (__current/arch-root). Which I
had set to be the default subvolume if no ~subvol=~ option is given when
mounting the disk.

Since my goal is to be able to dual boot, I don't want to nuke my arch

But that gave me an idea. What if I just change the default subvolume to
my GuixSD root (__current/guixsd-root). I did that and what do you know
it booted!

The question is though why did it mount my default subvolume? I
specified it to mount __current/guixsd-root for the root filesystem. As
well as setting that to be the subvolume to mount in the rootflags for
the kernel command line when booting. Is there a third step that I'm

In either case thank you so much for your help. Been trying to get this
going for over a year now. So it feels good to finally see the login

I attached my install log, which has all the steps I needed to do in
order to install GuixSD on a btrfs disk. In case someone is interested.


Description: Install log for GuixSD

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