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Waiting nothing

From: znavko
Subject: Waiting nothing
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2018 17:40:26 +0100 (CET)

Hello, users and developers!
I've deleted old generations and garbage from user's profile and started update by non-root user. Now it is thinking displaying turning stick.But I do not know what is guix doing?

$ guix package -p "/var/guix/profiles/per-user/bob/guix-profile" --delete-generations=15d
$ guix gc
$ guix pull && guix package -u
successfully built /gnu/store/lhf7pp1kclqgwhhqsh9qvk47yzn59hs2-ca-certificate-bundle.drv
building /gnu/store/3bgi583lv0pzgydvji8sc690avbvdih7-fonts-dir.drv...
-successfully built /gnu/store/3bgi583lv0pzgydvji8sc690avbvdih7-fonts-dir.drv
building /gnu/store/2jpay1a7xw2fnx5v0kfwagama1jwc1ka-info-dir.drv...
|successfully built /gnu/store/2jpay1a7xw2fnx5v0kfwagama1jwc1ka-info-dir.drv
/building /gnu/store/cczf57md4rd02w5kf0rqkrir9m7jvpbi-manual-database.drv...
Creating manual page database...
0 entries processed in 0.0 s
successfully built /gnu/store/cczf57md4rd02w5kf0rqkrir9m7jvpbi-manual-database.drv
building /gnu/store/j3fab1sb0apdcz0xxv6bxabp8fxgbqhh-profile.drv...
successfully built /gnu/store/j3fab1sb0apdcz0xxv6bxabp8fxgbqhh-profile.drv
1 package in profile

/New in this revision:
  2 packages upgraded: address@hidden, address@hidden

This stick is turning for 20 minutes while I'm watching on it (may be longer than that).
What is he doing right now? Looks like nothing.

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