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Re: error: rmdir: Device or resource busy

From: Fredrik Salomonsson
Subject: Re: error: rmdir: Device or resource busy
Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2018 20:31:41 -0800


address@hidden writes:

> Hej!
> On 2018-12-08 09:05, Fredrik Salomonsson wrote:
>> Hello,
>> tried installing GuixSD 0.16. But hitting a cryptic error.
>> guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt
>> --substitute-urls="";
>> ...
>> /gnu/store/sh9x3mhl5q60yxhl861kpk6vm70l3w81-bootloader-installer
>> initializing operating system under '/mnt'...
>> guix system: error: rmdir: Device or resource busy
>> This was working fine with 0.15.
>> Is there a way to get a better backtrace from system init? 
> Yes!
> From the manual: 
> '--on-error=STRATEGY'
>      Apply STRATEGY when an error occurs when reading FILE.  STRATEGY
>      may be one of the following:
>      'nothing-special'
>           Report the error concisely and exit.  This is the default
>           strategy.
>      'backtrace'
>           Likewise, but also display a backtrace.
>      'debug'
>           Report the error and enter Guile's debugger.  From there, you
>           can run commands such as ',bt' to get a backtrace, ',locals'
>           to display local variable values, and more generally inspect
>           the state of the program.  *Note (guile)Debug Commands::, for
>           a list of available debugging commands.
> Actually the --help to "guix system" hints about this but it is not
> telling how to use it, which is a bug I think. (i'm going to report it
> and send a patch)

Tackar! Completely missed that option when I checked --help. But it
looks like that option doesn't do anything for me. Still got the same
error message.

>> Or does anyone
>> know what the error might be?
> I never saw it before.

Me neither. I ended up just installing guix-0.15 instead.  Did a guix
pull to --branch=version-0.16.0 (I hope that is equivalent). And
currently waiting for it to finish reconfigure.

Got carried away with just playing around with the system, after I
installed 0.15. Really nice system I must say. Only crucial package I'm
missing is polybar. At the moment, having a hard time keeping track of my
windows in i3 :). But I figured that will be a good introduction in packaging
stuff for guix.

Anyway, thanks for the help again!


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