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Re: Next browser finally on master!

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: Re: Next browser finally on master!
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2018 15:37:25 +0100
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> That’s because ‘guix size’ disables grafts, which allows it to check the
> size of substitutes (build farms provide substitutes for ungrafted
> variants.)

> Before reading your message I naively installed ‘next-webkit-gtk’, which
> is not supposed to be used directly, right?  Should we make it private
> or hidden?

Hmm... I'm not sure.  In the future, it could very well be that Next would have
a "next-qt-webengine" platform, for instance.  Then the user will have the
possibility to choose explicitly.

Another reason for keeping it public is that it's possible to install
next-gtk-webkit on a system and have the Lisp core run on a remote
machine(!!!).  Well...

> No.
> I assume you created the pack with:
>   guix pack --relocatable -S /bin=bin sbcl-next
> Correct?
> And then you tried running it on a foreign distro?

Yes and yes.

> Is there a simple way to test it on a headless distro?

So far, next-gtk-webkit needs a display.  Its implementation was not really
done with headless systems in mind.  That said, it's testable on a virtual
machine with a display, everything can be driven by Lisp.

> Anyway, I’m trying it now and so far I like it!

It's still very alpha, but master already has much more: cookie support, echo
area / status, copy/paste, etc.

Pierre Neidhardt

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