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Re: About /var/guix/profiles and guix pull generations

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: Re: About /var/guix/profiles and guix pull generations
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2018 19:49:04 +0100
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> Why duplicate lines here?

They are not duplicated, the arguments are

> +                                profile
> +                                (string-append (config-directory #:ensure? 
> #f) "/current")))

so one is for the user profile, one is for the Guix "checkout".

> : +You might also want to delete old non-default profiles pointed to by
> : +the symlinks in /var/guix/gcroots/auto (broken symlinks in this
> : +directory will be automatically removed).")
> : +                                profile
> : +                                (string-append (config-directory #:ensure? 
> #f) "/current")))
> I think this is quite long and I don't understand your phrase about broken
> symlinks.

In /var/guix/gcroots/auto, you'll find symlinks to custom profiles,
e.g. ~/.my-guix-profile.
If you remove ~/.my-guix-profile, then the symlink in /var/guix/gcroots/auto
will be broken and automatically removed by Guix.  Makes sense?

Can you suggest a better phrasing?

> Could you write a new section "Freeing up space in GuixSD" in the manual 
> instead
> and refer to that here instead?

That could be a good solution indeed.  What do you people think?

Pierre Neidhardt

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