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Generating System Definitions

From: cdelia
Subject: Generating System Definitions
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2018 16:45:41 -0300
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There is a standard way to generate an exportable installer.scm from a specific generation?

I installed guix a couple a weeks ago and I'm looking forward to replace my distro with guixSD.

To do so, I'm slowly replacing the software that I use with those found on guix. The ones that aren't there will have to wait for someone (maybe myself) to add them.

When I'm only using the base distro to boot, I'll switch, but for that I guess it would be cool to simple "export" the state of my machine to the new installation, with the proper 'merging' taking place. With merging I mean that the exported configuration will be a subset of the final full guixSD distro.

It should not be a heavy task to do it by hand, but just in case; maybe somebody has it figure out.


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