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Re: rolling back only a single package

From: cdelia
Subject: Re: rolling back only a single package
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2018 19:15:54 -0300
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On 2018-12-28 08:32, swedebugia wrote:
"address@hidden" <address@hidden> skrev: (27 december 2018
20:52:23 CET)


I upgraded guix a couple of days ago, installed some things and now
found that xmobar just keeps segfaulting.

Switching to specific generation it's really cool, but in this case
would "uninstall" all the software that it's between the
update-generation and the current one.

So, there is any way to just downgrade a single package (resolving
dependencies) with out doing a full switch?

I guess this it's connected to

And I could also switch and then manually re install. But maybe
there is
a standard or automatic way to do it.


I highly recommend you to use the declarative way of installing
packages instead. See the manual.

I'm intending to, but before that I rather install when need it, when some pseudo complete usable system arise I'll write a declaration.

Declarative it's great, but you have to get in your head all the things that you'll need, before even beginning ...

You can use the former xmobar directly from the store if you have it
or you could create an own package/channel that specifies the version
you want.

Well... I never GC nor delete generations. So it should be possible.
But I believe that's a temporal work around that should not be used.

If I don't delete the generation that holds the earlier working version, I could do that, but then I'll need to use the full path in the store or a symblink manually created.

I think that kind of stuff it's a tiny, but accumulative step towards chaos. And I'm using git to scape from it XD

The best thing though is to report a bug and help by providing
information e.g. by stracing it. Guide evolves quickly...

It's xmonad, a haskell app. I'm not to proficient in haskell yet to help with that.

If I've time I'll report the bug, at least.

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