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Re: How add user without update package

From: Pirboazo
Subject: Re: How add user without update package
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2019 15:48:26 +0200
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Hi Fredrik,

As you see below the state of my system  before my reconfigure.

last guix pull :

Generation 5    *Jun 30 2019 15:39:18 *   (current)
 guix 5dd0269
    repository URL:
    branch: master
    commit: 5dd0269244da42066133d19055c9eb82b9e9ae20

Last reconfigure :

Generation 6   *Jul 01 2019 00:19:25*    (current)
  file name: /var/guix/profiles/system-6-link
  canonical file name: /gnu/store/yq8ww08f2sh5277hw081ycsyhg5i4qid-system
  label: GNU with Linux-Libre 5.1.15
  bootloader: grub
  root device: UUID: 2cab8a75-2dbf-4d03-afb0-58377abeee0e

Yesterday when i launch a reconfigure .

guix download app and rebuild webkitgtk -2.2.24  on my laptop this take
several hours --> generation 7..

After  create the new generation when i launch an another reconfigure
all work fine..  --> generation 8

And now it work fine.

Thank you



On 7/10/19 11:35 PM, Fredrik Salomonsson wrote:
> Hi Pierre,
> Den ons 10 juli 2019 kl 12:17 skrev Pirboazo <address@hidden
> <mailto:address@hidden>>:
>     Hello Everybody,
>     I want add an user on my system but not update all packages.
>     An user on on IRC channel #guix said me :
>     > just use the same commit as you did when you last reconfigured with
>     the modified config.scm's only change in the users section
>     I don't understand how to launch reconfigure with the same commit.
>     i understand  to change the commit , i must use the command : 
>     guix pull
>     If i don't modify the commit
>     How  it'spossible than the command *guix system reconfigure*
>     launch the
>     build of a new configuration.
>     Thank for your help.
>     Pierre
> It is as simple as running
> `guix system reconfigure /path/to/config.scm`.
> That will reconfigure your os using the config file based on the current
> commit of guix.
> Only way to change the commit, as you said, is `guix pull`.
> Which is why when updating Guix System. You first run `guix pull`, to
> get new versions of packages etc. Then `guix system reconfigure` to
> reconfigure your os based on that commit.
> I hope that clears it up.
> -- 
> s/Fred[re]+i[ck]+/Fredrik/g

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