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Re: Build error in guix/scripts/pack.scm: no binding 'zip' to hide

From: David Wilson
Subject: Re: Build error in guix/scripts/pack.scm: no binding 'zip' to hide
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 06:37:33 -0800
User-agent: Cyrus-JMAP/3.1.7-509-ge3ec61c-fmstable-20191030v1

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply!  The commit where I see this error is 
6623999c51788db9107142ea899de81ff751b0a4, though I'm sure that it must have 
started at an earlier commit.  Interestingly, when I make a fresh new clone of 
the Guix repo I do not encounter this error, so I think I must have broken 
something in my initial clone.  After sending the first email in this thread, I 
found and ran the `make maintainer-clean` target but that didn't seem to clear 
up the issue either.

At any rate, I'm able to write package definitions in my new clone at the 
moment so I'm not blocked anymore!



On Tue, Nov 12, 2019, at 4:04 AM, zimoun wrote:
> Hi David,
> Could you provide the Git commit you are using?
> Do you "guix environment guix" when building Guix?
> All the best,
> simon

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