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Re: Guix on Windows?

From: david larsson
Subject: Re: Guix on Windows?
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2020 11:51:17 +0100

Hi Zimoun,

I have almost run Guix successfully on the WSL version 1 using Kali linux. I found a repo on github that packaged a deb-package for Guix0.12 or something, but it didnt work out of the box, but I managed to fix, package and install it. The problem was that I couldn't install any Guix packages, only run stuff like guix hash command. Something about the build-daemon and users and permissions I believe.

A WSL2 is in progress, which might solve these issues.

Maybe using a GuixSD virtual machine and mapping some Windows drives to GuixSD and using ntfs3g would be an option?

If you find a good solution, Ill be happy to hear about it as well.

Best regards,
David L

On 2020-02-07 11:06, zimoun wrote:
Dear Guixers,

We are not the 1rst April and I am not joking. :-)

 1. I am working in a lab in the middle of people using Windows for
processing biological data. And they will never switch to any Linux
 2. I was previously doing research in electrical engineering labs
(applied maths) and a lot of people were using Mac.
 3. Echoing the Guix Days session about spreading the world
(dominating for the optimistic ;-))

(To escape ethical issues, the same arguments "why GNU Emacs is
running on Windows" apply here.)

Well, to extend a bit, let also include Mac and BSD.

I remember old discussion on guix-devel about Guix on MacOS. And if I
remember well, the issue is that there is "cheat" somewhere because
the GLibc. What is the current status?

Debian did a interesting "proof-of-concept" with kfreebsd [1],
replacing the linux kernel by the FreeBSD one. Do you think it is a
viable option for Guix?

About Windows, Nix propose some information [2] using the Windows
Subsystem for Linux (WSL) [3] to run on it natively [4]. Is it
affordable for Guix?

Last, if it is too difficult or technically impossible, then what is
the status of the cross-compilation targeting these systems?


Thank you in advance for any pointers and/or comment.

All the best,

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