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Re: guix environment shebang interpreter

From: mlell
Subject: Re: guix environment shebang interpreter
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2020 15:57:43 +0100
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however, note that at two different time points, you can get different versions of python with this command as the executing machine might have different versions of guix.

Only if you pull a specific version of guix (e.g. with guix pull --commit) and have it in your PATH
you will get the same packages.

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Am 07.02.2020 00:22 schrieb John D. Boy:
> Is there a Guix equivalent of the nix-shell shebang?
You could imagine something like:

     #! /usr/bin/env guix environment --ad-hoc PKG1 PKG2 ... --

But alas, on linux you cannot put more than one argument in the shebang

I have successfully gotten this to work by passing -S to env:
#!/usr/bin/env -S guix environment --ad-hoc python python-pandas
python-numpy -- python3

See a short test script here:

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