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Re: Wanting a copy of Guix/Hurd

From: Efraim Flashner
Subject: Re: Wanting a copy of Guix/Hurd
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2020 09:56:24 +0200

On Sun, Feb 09, 2020 at 05:11:01PM -0500, address@hidden address@hidden wrote:
>    Hello, I am trying to get a copy of Guix/Hurd iso, whether it is
>    working or not.

Unfortunately I don't know of an iso/image currently, we're still in the
bootstrapping phase. During Guix Days we started with the Debian/Hurd
image¹ and built the requirements for Guix on top of it (some of the
dependencies weren't building at the time of the image). At the same
time we also updated our copy of gnumach in the Guix tree to a later
snapshot so we could generate the bootstrap-tarballs again.

As it currently stands, the image from July 2019 gave me problems with
building the dependencies and upgrading to the latest version exposed a
bug with networking in the VM so that's on hold for the moment.

Manolis knows more about what's needed on the Hurd side to support Guix,
the one I remember is something about mounting and creating the chroots
for the build environment for building packages.

I didn't push the current wip-hurd-bootstrap tree to savannah yet, so
for not it lives on Gitlab²

>    I stopped by at #guix on Freenode IRC and people there at the time
>    didn't know exactly where I could get a copy.
>    Please send me or give me a url where I can download Guix/Hurd.
>    Additionally, what language skills are needed most for Guix
>    Development? I am supposing C.
>    Would Rust and Python come in handy?

Guix itself, other than the daemon, is all in Guile, a scheme dialect.
As a package management system however, we could always use people who
are knowledgable in other programming languages. For rust in particular
we're looking for someone who knows some of the internals of how
packages are built and crates linked together and in general to look
over what we're doing and see if it makes sense.

>    I may take some time to respond. I am busy in the startup phase
>    (re-doing my website from scratch and etc), but I would like to
>    contribute in some way,
>    even if it's sending a contractor to help.
>    Thanks for your time and consideration,
>    Zian Smith
>    CEO ZiScoto LLC

We'd love any help you have, even if you just want to come and give
encouragement in IRC :)


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