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Port Guix to my Apple Aluminum PowerBook G4

From: Scott C. MacCallum
Subject: Port Guix to my Apple Aluminum PowerBook G4
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2020 16:54:02 +0000

"I personally have two G4 laptops and would love to have Guix as an 
almost-supported architecture too."

That's great! Knowing that someone else is interested is another motivating 
factor for me to undertake this.

"The standard way to add a new architecture to Guix is to cross build boostrap 
binaries for it¹² and to shove a reference to them into (gnu packages 
commencement) in the guix sources. I have a non-working copy here³ that I play 
with occasionally."

Thank you for sharing. I will read each resource to wrap my head around the 

"What are the specs of your laptop? I maxed out my ram to 1.5GB, which is under 
the recommended minimum of 2GB, but found it close enough for most tasks with 

2GB, which I think will be enough to proceed.

"I suggest popping over to guix-devel also to talk about bootstrapping, there 
are some people working on bootstrapping 64-bit PPC who would also probably be 
able to help."

Will do. I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions to ask. :)

scmguru -

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