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Guix does not find packages

From: Zelphir Kaltstahl
Subject: Guix does not find packages
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2020 15:38:22 +0100
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Hi Guix Users!

I have an issue with installing fonts through Guix or simply some
packages in general. The issue is, that the packages do not show up on
command line, when I do a search via either of the following 2 commands:

 1. guix search (my_package_name_here)
 2. guix package -s (my_package_name_here)

An example: On I can see, that
there is "font-fira-mono" and "font-fira-sans" and similar. However,
when I search for "font" using the above commands, for example with
`guix package -s font` merely a single package shows up: `r-extrafont`.
Nothing more. This is weird, because I also installed some fonts already
via and none of those shows up. However, when I pipe the output into
`less` as suggested by the search result text, suddenly more packages
show up.

What I would like is, that I can decide myself, whether the output
should go through less and still see all results, even when not piping
into `less`.

And then there is the strange issue, that I cannot install font packages:

`guix package -i font-fira-code font-fire-mono font-fire-sans`


`guix package: error: font-fire-mono: unknown package`

Although it is listed in the results when piping into `less`! What? How
does this make sense? Can someone explain this to me?

Is my Guix installation buggy? I never did anything weird to it, only
ever used the Guix CLI commands to interact with it.


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