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Re: GDM, GNOME and RAM issue

From: sirgazil
Subject: Re: GDM, GNOME and RAM issue
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020 11:00:07 -0500
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 ---- On Mon, 24 Feb 2020 12:19:37 -0500 sirgazil <address@hidden> wrote ----
 > Hello,
 > I've been experiencing the following behavior for months, but didn't have 
 > the time to report anything.
 > When I boot, a fresh GNOME session uses around 1.3 GiB (I don't know if this 
 > is normal).
 > After several hours of work, the desktop starts feeling somewhat slow (e.g. 
 > when launching apps, switching work spaces). When this happens, RAM usage is 
 > around 3 GiB (of 4 GiB in total). If I continue working, RAM usage continues 
 > to go up little by little, and I have to reboot at some point, because 
 > memory is not released and things become slower.

Actually, I left the computer on overnight and this morning it was so slow that 
the cursor barely moved. So it seems it doesn't matter whether I do any 
interaction with the running applications, RAM usage grows anyways.

Resources in GNOME System Control:

Processes in GNOME System Control:

Processes in top:

Again, the ".gnome-shell-real" run by the gdm user seems to be the problem.

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