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Re: Installer restarts after choosing to partition the disk

From: Simen Endsjø
Subject: Re: Installer restarts after choosing to partition the disk
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2020 07:27:55 +0200
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I noticed that the installer detected my EFI partition as FAT16. After changing
it to FAT32, the installer continued.

Yasuaki Kudo <> writes:

Hi Simen, Sorry not a direct answer but I also report this exact problem recently in this mailing list 😄 -Yasu

On Jul 1, 2020, at 04:54, Simen Endsjø <> wrote:

Hi, I've been running Guix in a VM on my laptop, and wanted to install it directly on my desktop. Using the guided installer, I get to the point where I choose to partition the disk, and choose the recommended setup. Within a few seconds, I'm sent to the start of the installer again. If I follow through, I get to the choose disk window, but my disk isn't listed anymore.

Rebooting puts me into the same state as before.

Any idea what's going on? And how I can get some more information about what's

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