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Show and Tell for Nix and Guix?

From: Yasuaki Kudo
Subject: Show and Tell for Nix and Guix?
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2020 13:21:37 +0900


I am thinking of hosting a digital workshop next week as below.

Come to think of it, my video conference platform (BigBlueButton) has a 
breakout feature.   So we can easily accommodate Guix!

Is anyone from Guix community interested?

Nix/NixOS(/Guix??) Show & Tell
Free for all discussion of Nix/NixOS or whatever that matters to participants
21:00JST on Tuesday, July 7
14:00CEST on Tuesday, July 7
08:00EDT on Tuesday, July 7
I have a BigBlueButton video conference room we can use for this



Yugawara, Japan

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