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Re: Gitlab CI

From: Stephen Scheck
Subject: Re: Gitlab CI
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2020 12:12:21 -0400

Jérémy Korwin-Zmijowski <> writes:

> Hey Guixters !
> I am experimenting with Gitlab CI for a Guile project I am working on.
> It is managed with Hall and I would like to benefit the Guix features.
> Does anyone has done that before ?
> Is there a way to get a Guix docker image instead of the Debian one ?

Hello Jérémy,

I have been trying to accomplish a similar goal - using Guix in GitLab CI for a 
Guile project. To that end, I’ve built some Docker images you might find 

Guix in Alpine Linux (the Dockerfile and 
pipeline for deployment to Docker Hub)

My goal is to enable typical Docker workflows with Guix, for example something 
like this Dockerfile:

FROM gnu/guix:1.1.0
RUN guix package —install <some-build-and-test-package-dependencies>

Then use the resulting Docker image in the build, test, etc. stages of a GitLab 
CI/CD pipeline.

Unfortunately, Guix does not have a natural fit with Docker containerization 
since `guix-daemon` must be running for any Guix commands to work. I haven’t 
been able to get any Dockerfile workflows like above working, since `docker 
build` seems to skip execution of the regular image entry point command which 
starts `guix-daemon`. I think to make it work, you’d need to provide some kind 
of shell wrapper around the `guix` command which first starts `guix-daemon`, 
waits for it to be ready, then runs Guix commands. But you can use the Alpine 
image for Docker-in-Docker workflows where you first start a container with 
`docker run`, then issue successive `docker exec` commands to perform work 
inside the container, then extract the results from the container for use in 
other stages of a CI/CD pipeline.

I also attempted to build a “pure” Guix container not requiring installation on 
top of another Linux distribution by using `guix system docker-image <…>`. I 
even had a GitLab pipeline making daily builds which you might find interesting 
(but I recently disabled it as I’ll explain below): (GitLab CI/CD pipeline for 
deployment to Docker Hub)

It works fine for obtaining a sandbox for which to experiment interactively 
with Guix, but has the same problems as the Alpine image, and is even a little 
worse because there are no “anchor” binaries inside the container, not even 
`/bin/sh`, until the container init process establishes symlinks into the 
`/gnu/store` tree. If you try to use it in scripts or CI/CD pipelines, they 
often fail due to race conditions with the init script, and without `/bin/sh` 
it’s difficult to reliably assert any pre-conditions inside the container. So 
it’s a real pain to work with, and I think of little utility for scripting as 
it currently stands.

Anyway, hopefully this provides some more insight, and good luck!

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