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Non-root installs.

From: Diagon
Subject: Non-root installs.
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2020 17:02:04 -0700
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Hey all - I tried on IRC, but was told that this might be a better place.  I'm 
wondering if someone here has experience with a non-root install.  Optimally, 
is there by this point a for non-root?  I know it's doable, eg: 

I was able to get my sysadmin to create a writable /gnu, which I gather will 
allow me to install binaries, rather than recomplie everything, since I'll have 
the right path.  Now that I've read the install script, I see that it also uses 
/var/guix.  Do I need to ask for that, or is there a way around it, by putting 
it in /gnu/var, maybe?  I assume I can put /root/.config/guix in my home 
directory, but I also see we need a guixbuild group.  How can I get away 
without this and still run the server manually?

All input appreciated!

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