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Re: Gitlab CI

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Gitlab CI
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2020 09:46:13 +0200
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divoplade <> skribis:

> Le vendredi 24 juillet 2020 à 16:30 +0200, Ludovic Courtès a écrit :
>> So presumably a better option is to use an image created like this:
>>   guix pack -f docker -S /bin=bin guix --localstatedir
> As you may know, most gitlab server will not let you use the provided
> docker registry, and so the only option will be to push to docker hub.

Yes.  What I had in mind was that you would create that image, upload it
to a registry GitLab-CI can pull from, and then refer to that image in
your ‘.gitlab-ci.yml’.

> I prefer the solution in which the pack is a .tar.gz that is directly
> untarred to /; this way it can be run on a shared unprivileged runner
> and the storage can be achieved in the runner itself, via the gitlab CI
> cache.

Ah yes, I guess that would also work, and it’s in fact less tedious.
That amounts to running every time
though, no?


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