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Re: Gitlab CI

From: divoplade
Subject: Re: Gitlab CI
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2020 18:31:05 +0200
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Le lundi 27 juillet 2020 à 09:46 +0200, Ludovic Courtès a écrit :
> > I prefer the solution in which the pack is a .tar.gz that is
> > directly
> > untarred to /; this way it can be run on a shared unprivileged
> > runner
> > and the storage can be achieved in the runner itself, via the
> > gitlab CI
> > cache.
> Ah yes, I guess that would also work, and it’s in fact less tedious.
> That amounts to running every time
> though, no?

Pretty much, except "every time" is really less often than expected,
because the gitlab runner can cache files between jobs. So with an
appropriate tar command, it is possible to pack the whole store plus
the /var/guix and untar it at the beginning of the job (or re-run the
guix install if the cache has been dropped). Or run "guix pack".

There is a very unfortunate problem that running "guix pull" or guix
installing something will require the "ntp" debian package, so each job
requires apt-get update and apt-get install -y ntp... I am
investigating how to cache the ntp package (and its dependencies) to
avoid running apt-get update, but that's quite disappointing.


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