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Jami crashes (dring not available)

From: Tirifto
Subject: Jami crashes (dring not available)
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2020 12:03:26 +0200


I’m running Guix on Parabola and I’ve installed Jami through it. When I
try to run it, the welcome window appears, but pops up a message saying
it couldn’t connect to the Jami daemon (dring). Running from the
command line, the following message is spammed:

  ** (jami-gnome:2299): WARNING **: 11:50:50.736: Error : dring is not
  available, make sure it is running

And eventually it prints this:

  ** (jami-gnome:2299): WARNING **: 11:50:54.318: could not reconnect
  to the daemon

I’ve asked around #guix on Freenode and it seems to be working for some
other people, so I reckon the issue probably lies with my setup. The
Jami version is ‘20200710.1.6bd18d2’. I’ll try to attach the full log
as ‘jami-error.txt’. Any help and ideas are much appreciated!

// Tirifto

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