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Re: Jami crashes (dring not available)

From: Tirifto
Subject: Re: Jami crashes (dring not available)
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2020 19:25:27 +0200

Le Tue, 28 Jul 2020 14:24:24 +0200,
Jan Wielkiewicz <> a écrit :

> Dnia 2020-07-28, o godz. 12:03:26
> Tirifto <> napisał(a):
> > Hello!
> Hi!
> > I’m running Guix on Parabola and I’ve installed Jami through it.
> > When I try to run it, the welcome window appears, but pops up a
> > message saying it couldn’t connect to the Jami daemon (dring).
> > Running from the command line, the following message is spammed:
> I don't really know why, but I had no luck running Jami on external
> distributions.
> You can try running the daemon manually:
> 1. get the path to libring by running "guix build libring"
> 2. You are going to get something like this, copy and paste it to a
> terminal
> /gnu/store/lymcxmd0k50n8wg89yns34fpw6li2md1-libring-20200710.1.6bd18d2
> 3. Add "/lib/ring/dring" at the end:
> /gnu/store/lymcxmd0k50n8wg89yns34fpw6li2md1-libring-20200710.1.6bd18d2/lib/ring/dring
> 4. Run it.
> Then your client should be able to connect to the daemon.

This worked like a charm! Thanks a lot, both for the fix and for the
packaging. :)

> > 
> > Regards
> > // Tirifto
> If anyone has any idea why Jami doesn't start on external
> distributions, please tell me.

I would guess the client can’t find the daemon on foreign
distributions, for some reason, and therefore isn’t able to start it.
But I don’t know how the insides work. :/

> Jan Wielkiewicz

Best of wishes
// Tirifto

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