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Re: Guix doesnt use guix publish as a substitute

From: edk
Subject: Re: Guix doesnt use guix publish as a substitute
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2020 10:56:24 +0200
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Hi Pierre !

That was it, thanks a lot ! Sorry I should have read the docs more carefully.

The command to run on the first machine was

ssh root@SECONDMACHINE guix archive --authorize < /etc/guix/

It now says "downloading from



Pierre Neidhardt writes:

> Hi!
> Did you authorize the substitute server on the client?
> From the manual (Invoking `guix publish'):
>>    The signing key pair must be generated before ‘guix publish’ is
>> launched, using ‘guix archive --generate-key’ (*note Invoking guix
>> archive::).
>> ...
>>    Once a publishing server has been authorized (*note Invoking guix
>> archive::), the daemon may download substitutes from it:
> Hope that helps!

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