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find and install a LaTeX package

From: Marco van Hulten
Subject: find and install a LaTeX package
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2020 15:43:18 +0200

Hi Guix—

I don't always find a LaTeX package on Guix, even if I know its name in

There is the package 'texlive', a complete TeX distribution.  I chose
to install 'texlive-base' plus a number of additional 'texlive-*'
packages instead.  But now it happens sometimes that a certain package
is not available; through ad hoc searching, and sometimes
trial-and-error, I manage to install the right Guix package and I can
compile my LaTeX document.  I have a couple of questions, hoping to
make this experience a bit more smooth.

* CTAN packages in Guix are sometimes named 'texlive-PACKAGE' and
  sometimes 'texlive-latex-PACKAGE'.  I find it hard to decide if
  something is LaTeX-specific, so should I search for something like
* Is 'texlive' really complete including all packages published on CTAN?
* If not, what *is* included in the full TeX Live distribution?

I suppose, if I invest a lot of time, I could try to understand CTAN
and also more of Guix, but I am hoping that there is a relatively "user
friendly" answer available.  I know a serious of effort is done to
improve the TeX Live situation significantly, but I'm still from time
to time at a loss to get a document compiled.

Thanks for pointers.


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