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Circular dependency python-oslo.i18n

From: phodina
Subject: Circular dependency python-oslo.i18n
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2021 07:56:25 +0000

I have a question regarding circular dependency and a package that won't build.

I wanted to send a patch with updated version of pkg python-websocket-client. 
However, as I ran =./pre-inst-env guix refresh --list-dependent 
python-websocket-client= I noticed that one of the pkgs depending on this one 
failed to build.

The reason was that pkg python-oslo.i18n failed to build - pass check phase.

In the native-inputs it misses python-bandit, python-reno and python-oslo.i18n. 
However, then I get the issue with too many heap allocations.

Digging deeper, I see that python-oslo.config depends on python-oslo.i18n.

Any recommendation on how to solve this conundrum would be appreciated!

      repository URL:
      branch: master
      commit: b95fb85f593d377864fc1bfb3c118e54d03783be

Kind regards

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