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clang-12 doesn't contain clang-extra-tools

From: Josua Stingelin
Subject: clang-12 doesn't contain clang-extra-tools
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2021 12:00:26 +0200

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to the distribution so please forgive me if this question seems
trivial. - Also I'm not quite sure if this question belongs to guix-devel or

I've been trying to set up my system with some tools I use for developing to
get to know GNU Guix. One part is installing the `clangd` for c-code analysis
using the vim editor.

Now as far as I can see in `gnu/packages/llvm.scm` the definition of clang-12
contains the clang-extra-tools:

  546 (define-public clang-12
  547   (clang-from-llvm llvm-12 clang-runtime-12
  548                    "1vd9rhhrd8ghdg111lac7w8by71y9l14yh5zxfijsm6lj4p4avp2"
  549                    #:patches '("clang-11.0-libc-search-path.patch")
  550                    #:tools-extra
  551                    (origin
  552                      (method url-fetch)
  553                      (uri (llvm-uri "clang-tools-extra"
  554                                     (package-version llvm-12)))

Which then again seem to contain the `clangd` executable:

  147 (define* (clang-from-llvm llvm clang-runtime hash
  148                           #:key (patches '()) tools-extra)
  169     (outputs (if tools-extra '("out" "extra") '("out")))
  228                                 (mkdir-p bin*)
  229                                 (for-each move
  232                                             "clangd"

As far as I understand, if tools-extra is defined these get installed when
installing the 'out'-output of the package.

So basically all this compiles down to: Invoking `guix package --install=clang`
should install `clang` as well as `clangd` (among other things). -- Right?

However on my system clangd is missing after installing clang

  % find | grep clangd

Any hints as to what I'm doing wrong?

Would you accept a patch adding `clangd` as a seperate package to llvm.scm?

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