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Re: creating a profile

From: Adriano Peluso
Subject: Re: creating a profile
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2021 07:32:22 +0200

Il giorno mer, 18/08/2021 alle 19.48 +0200, Edouard Klein ha scritto:
> Hi !
> You can pass the --profile option to most guix subcommands.
> To install guile-commonmark in a profile, it would be a simple:
> guix install --profile=/tmp/toto guile-commonmark
> To install only its dependencies, the following bash one liner will do:
> guix install --profile=/tmp/toto $(guix show guile-commonmark | grep
> dependencies: | sed -e 's/dependencies://')

Thank you ! 

But I think I found the answer I was looking for:

guix environment -r some/path/to/some_file

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