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Re: Remove build

From: excalamus
Subject: Re: Remove build
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2021 15:26:08 +0200 (CEST)

> "removing files or directories manually may break it beyond repair!"
> Have I borked my /gnu/store?  
No, the 'guix-store-item' command runs 'guix gc' under the hood, so it's safe.  
Removing manually here refers to using rm.

> How can I, or could I have if it's too late, removed the build?
It's not too late.  There are two approaches.  The most recommended is:

1. Delete the generations of the user profiles (e.g. 'guix package 
2. Delete the generations of the system profiles (e.g. 'sudo guix system 
3. Run 'guix gc'

The emacs-guix (guix.el) package has 'guix-generations' and 
'guix-system-generations' which allow these to be applied to a list of profiles 
('m' to mark, 'd' to delete).

Another approach is to remove the build files one-by-one with 
'guix-store-item', although it's not recommended (because it's a more manual 

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