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Re: simple config with just startx not working for me

From: Boris A. Dekshteyn
Subject: Re: simple config with just startx not working for me
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2021 20:14:39 +1200
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Andreas Reuleaux <> writes:

> I am fairly new to guix, thus bear with me please.
> I want to start X on my system with startx - i.e. log into my system
> just from a tty, and then start X by hand (and i3 will be my window
> manager, I just have an .xsession file in my $HOME, where I start i3)
> - I do not want any desktop-services / desktop-manager / graphical login 
> manager
> (this may seem old school - but has worked fine for me for years
> under debian). 

Somewhere in you $PATH… startx witch:

#+BEGIN_SRC shell


# Automatically determine an unused $DISPLAY
while true ; do
    [ -e "/tmp/.X$d-lock" -o -S "/tmp/.X11-unix/X$d" ] || break
    d=$(($d + 1))
unset d

# Get current tty
tty_num=$(tty | grep -oE '[0-9]+$')
vtarg="vt$tty_num -keeptty"

$DIR/bin/xinit -- $DIR/bin/Xorg $defaultdisplay $vtarg \
               -configdir $DIR/share/X11/xorg.conf.d \
               -modulepath $DIR/lib/xorg/modules

In your guix user profile manifest:

#+BEGIN_SRC lisp
(define %packages-xorg

 (list (specifications->manifest
        (append %packages-xorg

WBR, Boris Dekshteyn

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