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Re: packaging package with multiple git repos

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: packaging package with multiple git repos
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2021 06:22:25 -0400
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One such example is opam (see "guix edit opam"), that needs four copies of 
another repository for running its tests. For that, we put the origin records 
inside the inputs field, and copy the contents in one of the build phases.

Le 27 août 2021 02:56:19 GMT-04:00, Ricardo Wurmus <> a écrit 
>Hi Andy,
>> Hi, I am trying to create a package definition for a package 
>> which has
>> multiple git repos and is to be built with these repos checked 
>> out
>> together.  I am curious how can multiple source origins be 
>> expressed
>> in package definition?  thanks for examples for this.
>There is no generic way to do this.  We have an svn-multi-fetch in 
>(guix svn-download) that fetches named locations from an SVN 
>repository, but there is no comparable feature for git-download.
>The common way to do this is to add more origins to the 
>native-inputs and place them where you need them to be in a build 
>phase after 'unpack.

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